Working with tiny humans….since 2011

So you’re expecting…or you know someone who is? Great! Wonderful news!

My newborn clients usually contact me a few months before baby arrives, sometimes it’s last minute (and that’s OK, I usually can find space). They get in touch to find out more, check prices and generally make sure I’m going to look after their precious bundle (which is actually my top priority,  newborn safety is paramount).

I offer sibling and family images at EVERY session. No extra charge. These are moments with your baby you do not want to miss!

I am endlessly patient with younger siblings (I wonder if there’s a Guinness Record for convincing toddlers to snuggle convincingly with their baby brother or sister?)

I love my job – every image I create is done with the enthusiasm and passion I have by the bucketload.

I’m always looking and learning, honing my skills and keeping up to date with safety guidelines and styles of newborn photography. I’m not one for gimmicky photos. Nor do I like poses where babies look uncomfortable. I’ve been working with newborns for 8 years, and in that time I’ve grown super sensitive to the way they may be feeling…I can predict when they are about to smile and I can feel when they are truly asleep, comfortable and happy. I say my sessions are baby-led. In truth, any other way just will not work. Baby tells me what they do and don’t like and I am guided by them. Simple.

Full pricing details are available here